Kubernetes Resource and Cluster Monitoring

Monitoring Resources of any K8s flavored cluster using AIOps

AIOps is the application of artificial intelligence to IT operations. With AIOps, Ops teams can leverage data that would otherwise be intractable. Container orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes) has become the heart of the DevOps environment. Kaiops is developing and applying innovative AIOps frameworks for Kubernetes to provide capacity management, event monitoring, and alerting/remediation services for container-based deployments. Our solution works to reduce system failures, optimize resource utilization, and ease the burdens placed upon DevOps and ITOps engineers. Our solution utilizes proprietary Machine Learning models and algorithms that are designed to efficiently learn from IT system data in a unified manner.


Kaiops Alerts and Remediation enables proactive IT Operation

  • Event Monitoring for cluster data and synthesis for identification and prediction of network events and activities, including:
  • Alerts trigger incident escalation workflows, which involve the provisioning of alerts and response recommendations for relevant teams and subject matter experts, while reducing alarm fatigue and remediation bottlenecks.
  • Anomaly Detection - Classification of events, incidents, and traffic patterns to predict anomalies, distinguishing normal (routine/cyclical) from abnormal (threat potential) instances involves association and ranking of the potential indicators around the core culprits, hence ensuring mission critical measures are taken before the faults develop in full.
  • Event Correlation groups disparate metric, log, and telemetry data based upon hidden event cause and effect. Filtration and aggregation of data for more efficient event recognition, classification, and alerting.
  • Incident Remediation - Automate remediation procedures by extracting and inferring incident root causes from alerts and event logs, and subsequently launching appropriate ITSM processes.