Product Features

SaaS KAIOPS (Kubernetes AIOps) platform automates tasks and leverage machine learning to improve IT Ops by reducing cost as well as increasing reliability, efficiency, and security.

Product features

  • Capacity Planning & Management
  • Security & Compliance
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Event Monitoring & Correlation
  • Real-time Anomaly Detection
  • Automated Incident Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Configuration Management

Our Focus is Enterprise cloud environments, which are becoming increasingly complex, highly dynamic, spanning across multiple / hybrid-cloud deployments w/ networks of containerized apps & micro-services. SRE Teams are exposed to a proliferation of standards, tools & applications – operate under constant pressure to detect, resolve, and prevent outages, security breaches, and challenges meeting SLA. Kaiops promises to bridge the gaps by AI/ML driven automation, allowing development teams to deliver at a greater speed while enabling SRE and IT Ops teams to maintain and improve stability, reliability and availability – across deployments and operations, while keeping a lid on the costs.


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Resource efficiency

Kaiops helps reduce costs by efficient resource management

Machine learning can provide resource autoscaling for optimized cluster performance and capacity. Specific implementations include:

  1. Vertical Scaling: Node instance type and node count scaling for decreased cluster resource cost.
  2. Horizontal Scaling: Replica set scaling for improved service response.
  3. Pod De-scheduling: Replica set placement for improved service resilience.

service reliability

Many IT Operation teams can’t handle the growing tide of incidents in a timely manner, resulting in prolonged outages and downtime. Organizations endure SLA penalties, damage to brand equity and frequently, lost revenue. By using ML to correlate alerts, changes, and topology data, Kaiops detects incidents as they start to form and before they escalate into outages. This reduces the frequency and impact of outages that affect critical revenue-generating applications and services. When outages do occur, Kaiops surfaces the root cause and routes them to the right teams, for rapid resolution.