Security and Compliance

Manage Kubernetes security challenges using AI and ML leveraging GNN (Graph Neural Networks)

AIOps is the application of artificial intelligence to IT operations. With AIOps, Ops teams can leverage data that would otherwise be intractable. Container orchestration (e.g., Kubernetes) has become the heart of the DevOps environment. Kaiops is developing and applying innovative AIOps frameworks for Kubernetes to provide capacity management, event monitoring, and alerting/remediation services for container-based deployments. Our solution works to reduce system failures, optimize resource utilization, and ease the burdens placed upon DevOps and ITOps engineers. Our solution utilizes proprietary Machine Learning models and algorithms that are designed to efficiently learn from IT system data in a unified manner.


Kaiops Compliance module (WIP) implements monitoring and automated compliance assessment using NIST/CSA/NASA Kubernetes/container hardening guidance (Oct 2021).


Kaiops employs AIOps detection techniques to tightens K8 security and address vulnerabilities through configuration management to avoid misconfigurations via - 

  1. Network policies
  2. Privilege levels
  3. RBAC
  4. Secrets
  5. Resource limits/requests
  6. Read-only root file systems
  7. Annotations, labels
  8. Sensitive host mount and access
  9. Image configuration, including provenance


Runtime detection and vulnerability scanning

  1. Pods that can run in privileged mode through changed privilege escalation settings in security Context
  2. Updates to admission controller configs
  3. Container access to certain files/services and URLs
  4. Changes in multi-tenant isolation settings in network policies
  5. Monitoring the default namespace usage
  6. Scanning for insecure container registries
  7. Watching activity on overly permissive and unused/underused IAM roles and policies